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Should We Turn The Other Cheek?

Okay, so unless you have been living under a rock, I'm sure you've seen the viral video of the Alabama River Boat fight. If not, then go google it or check your socials. Word on the social media streets is that a black security guard had asked a few white guests to clear the area and was attacked by the guests in doing so. The video showcases the black security guard throwing his hat into the air and getting into a scuffle with the white guests. While the hat is mid-air, other black guests start to assemble and assist the security guard in fighting the white guests and what looks like their family members-both male and female. Now social media is in an uproar about whether or not the beating was called for? We all know the Bible verse that states we should turn the other cheek if someone hits us. (Matthew 5: 39). We also know the history of the civil rights movement and so many other radical racial moments associated with Montgomery, Alabama. So, should the security guard have turned the other cheek. Jesus was mistreated, beaten, shamed, embarrassed, and crucified in order to die for our sins. The black security guard in Montgomery, Alabama isn't Jesus though! But it does open up a discussion on whether or not adhering to Matthew 5:39 is realistic? Not just in the Alabama Riverboat situation, but in general as well. On one hand, turning the other cheek could possibly keep things from escalating. And in the case of the security guard, it probably wouldn't have led to the biggest brawl we've seen in a while with a plethora of memes to follow. On the other hand, turning the other cheek may also open the door for even more mistreatment and disrespect. Who's to say that the white guests would have stopped their mistreatment of the black security guard if he turned the other cheek? It could have ended up even worse on his part. And Matthew 5:39 also doesn't take into account our natural bodily reactions because for a lot of us, our first instinct to being hit is to hit back! Activating the fight or flight response in us. There is so much more that goes into just turning the other cheek. It is also important to note that whether that Bible verse is meant to be taken literally or figuratively is an aspect to be considered as well. In conclusion, the moral of the story is to not be out here physically assaulting people in the first place. You don't know if they have the turn the other cheek mindset, and you definitely don't want to end up like the folks in Alabama! #montgomery #alabama #riverboat #alabamaboatbrawl

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