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This is not your average tea party!

Enjoy an intimate conversation with the author of "Teatime With God." This service centers around the devotional journal and includes meaningful discussions facilitated by Khiana Gray Wyatt-Locus, MSW, LCSWA. Perfect for small groups such as book clubs, Bible study groups, women’s social clubs, etc. You will leave this Tea Party feeling empowered with a new sense of self, increased confidence, and an improvement in overall well-being. Although this service may have a therapeutic feel, it is not therapy! Individuals will gain education, awareness, support, and a deeper connection with others around them as well as strengthened hope and faith. Tea parties are priced at $500 for a minimum of 6 participants. This price includes copies of “Teatime With God", drinks and light refreshments, the author’s booking fee, and other materials as needed in order to make your Tea Party a success! Additional participants can be added at a price of $50 per individual.

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Allow Khiana Gray Wyatt-Locus to spill the tea with your audience!

This service is for large group events that are in need of a speaker such as workshops, conferences, etc. Allow Khiana Gray Wyatt-Locus, MSW, LCSWA to engage your audiences with authentic conversations regarding faith and mental health or mental health in general. Audiences will gain meaningful connections from having a speaker that they can relate to so well and be inspired to make a difference in the lives of others. The price of this service depends on a number of factors such as time frame, distance, and duration of the service. Please use the link below to further inquire about this service.

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You have to do something different to get something different.

This service is for individuals that are ready for a change! Coaching allows individuals to get what they want out of life without compromising their identity or values. This is not therapy!   Khiana Gray Wyatt-Locus, MSW, LCSWA is a licensed therapist, however, she is not providing therapeutic services in these sessions. Benefits of this service include education on the difference between therapy and coaching, motivation to achieve desired results, and feelings of achievement and accomplishment knowing that you have stepped into who you are destined to be. This service runs at $50 per session which can be weekly, monthly, or as needed.

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